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Pictures of Basingstoke, old and new

Old Basingstoke

The bus station 1960 (33635 bytes)    The Engineers Arms 1966 (40157 bytes)    The Market place 1928 (41934 bytes)

New street during the Edwardian era (38808 bytes)    The Railway Arms, Brook street (48173 bytes)    Basingstoke town hall 1910 (37750 bytes)

Winchester street 1910 (42323 bytes)    Wote street 1904 (39616 bytes)    The remains of my dad's first hairdressing shop  (53147 bytes)

Wote Street (39688 bytes)

Basingstoke today

Manydown Farm (24784 bytes)

The following photo's are taken from the Basingstoke not Boringstoke website with many thanks. Why not visit the site and learn more facts about Basingstoke. Use the link below to visit the site.

Basingstoke not Boringstoke 

The AA building (18490 bytes)    The Basingstoke Canal (41174 bytes)    Gothic hous where John Arlott was born (25232 bytes)

The train station (22892 bytes)    Statue in Wote street (yes I know what it looks like) (28549 bytes)    View of the town center (18736 bytes)

Another view of the town center (23123 bytes)

You can send some free Basingstoke e-cards from the Basingstoke postcards section of this site

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